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She’s A Hard One

If I told you right now to take out your cell phone and scroll down the contacts would there be someone there that needed Jesus? If not we should be perusing a friendship with people who do not know Jesus. You might say, “Riley I’m not called to that type of ministry. I don’t have the gift of evangelism. I give to ministries that minister to the lost.” That’s an excuse that most Christians and churches use to cover up the truth of them not wanting to get out of their Christian bubble and minister to the lost in the real world. It’s kinda like that movie the Truman show. We are caught up in our perfect little Christian world. With never a grasp on the real world. Someone once said, “they’re to spiritual for earthly good.”

Jesus gave us a mandate to go into all the world to reach out to everyone. A pastor told me one time, “Riley, I never can find someone who doesn’t know Jesus.” They said they would ask people, (like most do) “Do you know Jesus?” And the response she would always get was “Sure, I know Jesus.” Then they would assume after that response they were a Christian and say, “God Bless You” and then leave the person. That is not evangelism at all. We are called to share the Good News. Do you know Jesus isn’t good news.


Many people know about Jesus but have never had a personal relationship with him. That’s why we must spend a little more time to find out where they’re at and not just assume they are a Christian. 


Jesus was a friend of notorious sinners the bible says they came to hear him speak and he even ate with them. (Luke 15:1-2 NLT) If Jesus was here today he would not be at a believer’s convention, he’d be hanging out with sinners winning the lost. And if you are following him you would be hanging out with sinners winning the lost. I was at a church in Maine and actually had the people in the congregation to pull out their cell phones and to this day do it often. She scrolled down her contacts and saw a lady who wasn’t saved and she thought “she’s a hard one, I’m not calling her we’ve been working on her for years.” Then she kept scrolling. That very second the same lady she commented on called her! She knew this was The Lord so after the service she went to a Sunday school room and called the lady. She told her she loved her and knew she needed to ask her if for some reason she died would she be confident she would be in heaven. The lady answered no she wasn’t sure so she shared the Romans scriptures and then led her in a prayer to receive Jesus! God’s word will not return void! Let’s all spend a little more time with those around us. Let’s stop working on ’em and love on them.


I pray today you’ll make a new friend to add to your contact list so you can reach out to them and love them in to a relationship with your Heavenly Father.

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