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Effective Witnessing

Here is how to be effective, in a powerful way when you tell others about Jesus.

The power of effective witnessing comes through the Holy Spirit.  To activate that power, you must spend time in intercessory prayer and meditating God’s Word.  Boldness comes by taking these steps of preparation. You will not lack for things to say when you’ve filled your heart with the Word and prepared the other man’s heart by interceding and pulling down strong holds that would blind his mind (II Cor. 4:4).  The Word will come forth in power as you witness and they will receive.

If the Word is in you, it will make a way out.  The Bible says to take no thought how or what thing you will answer or what you will say because the Holy Spirit will teach you in the same hour what you should say (Luke 12:12). Acts 1:8 states, “But you will receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto me.” As you acquire a thorough knowledge of God’s Word, then your helper and teacher, the Holy Spirit will bring all things to your remembrance when you need it. "Riley Stephenson"

The key to effective witnessing is not good preaching—IT’S PRAYER. The disciples that followed Jesus’ ministry and saw the results, did not ask Him how to preach; they asked Him how to pray. Time spent daily in the Word of God and prayer. Jesus spent many hours doing this before he went to the people to minister. Each time, despite those that came against Him, He had great success. You, too, can have the same success.

Learn how to effectively Pray for The Harvest!


Mount Rose Church Outreach

Saturday, Feb. 19th we will be partnering with Mount Rose Church in Fort Worth. We will have soul winning training, going out witnessing and passing out fliers inviting people to their church! I need your help!

I appreciate your prayers and support!

We all must continue to share our faith. The time is short! Do not miss this opportunity for the Lord to use you! Please join with us to help see many thousands receive Jesus this month!

Check out this video from our 2010 Outreach at Mount Rose!


YouTube Video Testimonies

We receive emails everyday!

People are receiving Jesus from watching our YouTube videos! I am excited to share a few of them with you:

thank u u really help me understand more than what i did and yes i did pray thank u – Yolis

I pray to god to come into my heart . I watch on you tube. – Robin

hello riley i did the pray u did on the Video – Delta

Hello. I’m Sierra & I just wanted to tell you that I prayed.

You can help get these videos out! In Matthew 10:32 Jesus said, “Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” Imagine for a moment your name being spoken to the Father as you simply email these to your friends and family members. Everyone that responds to these videos are directed to our what’s next page for follow up.

Salvation – A simple gospel message.
Signs of The End – A video with an “End Time” message.
Teens – A video with a gospel message directed to youth.

Thank you for your help! You’re a valuable asset to this End Time Harvest!

Increasing His Kingdom,

Riley Stephenson


A Message From Riley Stephenson

I asked the Lord why more people aren’t sharing their faith. Here is what he told me: “Most of my people know I said go, and have a desire to win the lost. They need to see themselves as my children, in the grocery stores, gas stations, fast food drive thru’s, with the pizza guy, telemarketers, co-workers and family.” “I said Go preach the Good News to everyone everywhere. My desire is for all to be saved! I told the disciples to go, they went and preached the word. I confirmed it with signs.”

They need to see themselves as I see them! When they do that they will see the greater works! We are committed to helping you reach out and share your faith in your world!

Healing At Faith Fellowship McKinney, TX!

Thank you for praying for our team! Recently we were at Faith Fellowship in McKinney, TX. Pastors Rob & Toni Gore invited us to teach, train, and equip the congregation on Soul Winning Evangelism. Over the weekend, 117 people prayed the prayer of salvation! Many were healed and believers were encouraged with a new boldness to share their faith!

Saturday Testimonies at Faith Fellowship!

God’s Will Is To Heal!

Watch this video! If you need healing in your body pray the prayer! I am believeing God with you for your healing! Send me your testimonies! God wants to heal you today!